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We are a unique online talent platform that offers an extraordinary and fun way for you to learn as well as showcase the fine arts of life. Singing. Dancing. Music. And Much more
YapStars. Born in India. Caters to the World.
We have the best in class teachers on the platform who will help your child build a passion for learning in the world of entertainment. They are committed to helping your child become a holistic individual with a well-rounded personality
Experience world class learning on our platform, with a free trial class. Your child will never look back

Our Genres

In today’s competitive world it is not enough to be just good in math or the sciences or the plain old school curriculum. All the top universities abroad prefer students who have had complete, holistic, well-rounded learning. In fact, research shows children who pick up extra-curricular subjects in their school life have greater professional and social success

Talk to our counsellors now to understand what extra-curricular category is best for your child. If your child knows what she/he wants to learn, simply book a free trial class with our expert teachers across multiple genres


Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums


POP, Rock, Hindustani Classical, Western Classical, Bollywood, Carnatic


Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Contemporary, Popping and Locking, Breakdancing, Robot Style, Bharatnatyam


You can start off with a free trial class on our website, which your child will love and look forward to more classes

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Who We Are

We are a group of founders who have dedicated our lives to learning, teaching and training thousands of students around the world for over two decades. Our mission in life is to nurture and globally showcase the talent India is truly known for
With millions of children across the globe growing to become unique human beings, this is our way of helping them shine
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Why YapStars

With the pandemic disrupting every aspect of our lives, the way we live, learn and interact has changed. Dramatically. The enduring spirit of the human race has shown how resilient and innovative we are as a species. If classrooms have been shut down, we have innovated learning by moving online
Look at the bright side. We are now able to continue learning from the very best right from the comfort of our own homes. The on-demand sessions allow us to do so while saving on travel time as well as costs
Just has a famous quote made by a famous academician “there is no concept of over-learning, your mind is like the vast ocean, it only grows your appetite for learning

Different Modes for Different Folks!

Choose your level
In the beginner mode, the child will learn and strengthen their basic foundations
In the advanced classes, they will learn to play like a star
This is not all if you wish you could also opt for a one on one class for your child where the dedicated attention will bring out the true potential in your child as well as accelerate through all levels of learning at a rapid pace

Whatever you choose, you will be happy to see your child shine

The world Stage for Our Little Talents

Yapstars is not just dedicated to learning we also have a unique app, the first of its kind in the world where you can perform to millions of audiences. You will delightfully be shocked by the applauses and comments you will get. Who knows you might become the next talent the world has been waiting for


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