The Best 5 Violins for Beginners and Experts in 2021: Buying Guide


06 July, 2021

When you play the violin, you are playing one of the most delicate instruments there is, and it gives off a refined vibe. It is commonly utilized in traditional music throughout India, particularly in the south.

Otherwise, many people who enjoy orchestral or ensemble music performances might be found enthralled by the violin.Many students like or want to play the violin, and thus begin at a young age, thus the greatest violin must be picked to maintain their interests and fulfill the instrument's function.

Compiled a list of the top 5 violin brands in India to help you find the right instrument for you.This list includes brands that are the most well-known, have the highest ratings, and have sold the most violins in India in contrast to other brands.

India's Top Violin Brands 2021

1. Mendini

Mendini is a low-cost musical instrument maker. They create violins that have superb sound and are reasonably priced, making them perfect for beginners and intermediates.One of the top violin brands in India is Mendini by Cecilio. The brand is so well-known that it reverberates across the violin community. Though Mendini and Cecilio are thought to be two separate violin brands, they are not, and this confusion stems from the vast price discrepancies between them.
Cecilio Mendini founded Mendini Violins to provide a line of violins of exceptional quality that could be purchased at a reasonable price. Although these violins are designed for novices, they are also capable of being used by professionals. As a result, Mendini by Cecilio is regarded as one of India's best violin for beginners.
Mendini's violins are handcrafted in China, using a combination of machine and human labour. The company is well known for making and selling violins, but they also produce and sell brass, sting, and other woodwind instruments. Mendini is a Cecilio Instruments subsidiary, thus it's a well-known brand.
The Mendini MV200, MV300, MV400, MV500, MV650, and many more are among the greatest violins made by Cecilio Mendini. The tops of most of these violins are made of spruce, while the backs and sides are made of maple wood. Mongolian horsehair has been used to make the bow.

2. Yamaha

Yamaha is the only manufacturer that continuously produces professional-grade musical instruments.Yamaha is recommended by all musicians for guitars and musical keyboards. The majority of their violins are only accessible online.Yamaha is one of the greatest electric violin manufacturers. Yes, the brand that is famed for filling India's streets with some of the most renowned motorcycles also manufactures some of the most incredible violins.
Whether performing solo or in an ensemble, the violin performs a fundamental role,' according to Yamaha.As a result, this violin company has set out on a mission to create some of the most magnificent electric and traditional violins available. Yamaha describes how they build their violins in great detail on their website. The violin wood is kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. The top plate is constructed of the best spruce wood, which is a kind of pine tree. When two symmetrical trapezoids are joined to make a violin, the vibration is symmetrical and provides a very melodic tone. Yamaha is one of the greatest violin companies because of the incredible workmanship that goes into its instruments. Yamaha violins are extremely sturdy and can withstand regular wear and tear. They feature elegant cases, soft chin rests, and designs that make other instruments appear simple. These violins are handcrafted using traditional methods and so have a high level of workmanship.
If you're looking for a trendy violin, recommend Yamaha's electric violins. They have long warranties, a lovely design, and a fantastic overall experience.The business produces violins for both beginners and pros, so pick one that fits your skill level.

3. Cecilio

Cecilio is an international violin brand that caters to budget-conscious customers. They are exquisitely handmade and meticulously constructed.If you're looking for a high-quality violin, Cecilio is a fantastic option because this company is recognized for the quality and attention it puts into all of its goods, even ones that are less expensive than the competition. It is a teacher-recommended violin brand since all instruments are strung with the bridge attached so that new students do not have to assemble the instrument.
Cecilio is also recognized for putting its violins through some of the most stringent examinations to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Because the company mostly employs spruce and maple, as well as top-notch ebony, the wood is of the greatest quality.

4. Kadence

Kadence is a well-known producer of guitars and ukuleles. They've only just begun making violins.Due to its tremendous affordability, Kadence is another one of India's greatest violin producers. These violins are ideal for basic training and are intended for youngsters or novices. On a violin manufactured by Kadence, one may learn all about melody and melodies.
Some of Kadence's best violins have a lovely glossy finish, giving them an elegant appearance.In addition to a good hard spruce top, Kadence employs pine wood and maple in its violins. Kadence's violins aren't designed for pros, as they're light and feature a simple tune.
The component of the bow that is used to play the violin is made of horsehair and is constructed of ordinary-grade wood. Kadence violins come with a sturdy case for protection, which has grooves to keep your violin, bow, and rosin secure. Because these cases are triangular, they take up less room. Now, don't let the low price fool you into thinking that Kadence's violins aren't playable.

5. Arctic

TheArctic is one of the best-selling violins in India. People in India are raving about the product because of its low price and high quality.Because the Arctic is a Chinese brand, its violins are imported to India. Their one-of-a-kind lightweight violins can play some of the most melodic sounds.
Arctic violins are built of graded quality pine and maple wood. The maple is utilized on the sides and back of the violin, which serves to improve the tone.The top of the violin is made of pinewood or, in most cases, spruce wood, which allows for accurate tuning.
The soundboard, table, and, in some cases, the front are all names for the spruce top. Arctic violins have an ebony fingerboard for a smooth and rhythmic playing experience.They provide rosins with each bow and have constructed their bows so that the player does not become exhausted after using them. Arctic violins are modestly priced concerning the other brands mentioned, and hence fall into the medium category. The brand offers rigid foam cases with appropriate grooves for storing the violin, bow, and rosin safely and securely.

In the year 2021, the best violin for beginners

Artic Onyx violin kit

  • Glossy black finish on pinewood top, maple sides, and back
  • For rhythmic smooth playing, choose an ebony fingerboard.
  • Rosin is integrated into the superior bow design for less hand fatigue.
  • Internal accessory compartments in hard foam Thermo-formed case
  • Violin, bow, case, and rosin are all included in this lightweight all-in-one violin equipment.
  • China is the country of origin.

Artic apex violin kit

  • The top is made of solid carved spruce. The back and sides are made of solid maple. Matte (Antique) Finish: Dark Brown
  • For rhythmic smooth playing, choose an ebony fingerboard.
  • Rosin is integrated into the superior bow design for less hand fatigue.
  • Internal accessory compartments in hard foam Thermo-formed case (Oblong Case)
  • Violin, bow, oblong case, and rosin are all included in this lightweight all-in- one violin equipment.
  • China is the country of origin.

Mendini 4/4 Mv300 Solid Wood Satin Antique Violin

  • Brand: Mendini
  • Antique Violin with Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, and Extra Strings in Solid Wood Satin
  • Full Size

ARCTIC AR-PVK-01 Neo Violin Kit

  • Natural Finish Pine Wood Top, Maple Sides & Back
  • For rhythmic smooth playing, choose an ebony fingerboard.
  • Rosin is integrated into the superior bow design for less hand fatigue.
  • Internal accessory compartments in hard foam Thermo-formed case
  • Violin, bow, case, and rosin are all included in this lightweight all-in-one violin equipment.
  • China is the country of origin.

Kadence Vivaldi Violin

  • The aged spruce top's rigid and solid nature generates a richer, more resonant sound that is warm and agreeable to the ears. AAA ebony tuning pegs have a low coefficient of friction and are therefore easy to tune.
  • Dependable quality - It's made of maple and has ebony fittings, so it'll endure a long time.
  • Unlike other painted wood, which has a propensity to rub blackness onto your hands, an ebony fingerboard is solid and robust to bear the stress of sustained daily play.
  • Great Sound-Glossy Body benefitted from fine painting expertise so that the violin sounds clear, bright, and thankful with consistent quality, wood bow with unbleached real hair offers amazing bite

Now that you've learned about some of India's greatest violin companies, here go over some of the things you should think about before purchasing a violin. This violin buying guide was developed to inform beginners and new players on all they need to know and look for when purchasing a violin.

What exactly is the goal?

Why do you wish to learn to play the violin? Is it because you want to give it as a present, play it by yourself, or display it? Though it may seem ludicrous, hardly everyone buys violins to play them because they are considered class symbols.

Some individuals buy them only to display them. If you wish to play, though, you'll need to conduct a little more study and then pick the finest violin.

What is your financial plan?

Your budget is an important consideration. It will determine the sort of violin you can purchase. Cheap violins aren't very useful and will break down after a time. Violins that cost a lot of money tend to stay faithful to their owners, so you may play on them for a long time. Decide on your budget first, and then you'll be able to limit down your alternatives.

What brand?

In the case of a violin, the brand is quite significant; if you buy from a local brand that no one has ever heard of, you'll most likely wind up with a violin that sounds like it was constructed of bamboo or very thin wood.

Established businesses, such as India's greatest violin brand, will produce some of the most spectacular violins, which will be built of high-quality maple wood, tuned to perfection, housed in a protective case, and equipped with a high-quality bow and rosin. Your possibilities will be better if the brand is well-known.

That's all there is to it, guys. Hope you found this post to be extremely helpful and that it supplied you with the information you were looking for. The above-mentioned companies are some of the most promising violin brands, having a track record of selling their products enthusiastically in Indian marketplaces.

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