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A buyer’s guide - Guitar under 5000 Rupees


May 27, 2021

Playing the guitar will be beneficial to people of nearly any age – there is no age limit. However, deciding on the right one, as well as features, can be difficult, particularly when there are too many options. With determination and the right guitar, you will learn and build skills to be a great player whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro.

A good acoustic guitar can be a great travel companion. Some people like to dive after their training and spend rupees 10,000 or more to buy one. However, there is a Best Acoustic Guitar Under 5000 in India to begin your musical journey.

These guitars have excellent sound quality, are very durable, and are simple to play for both beginners and experts. Before we get into the ultimate list of guitars under 5000 rupees, let us have a look at our top picks from YapStars India for under 5000 rupees:

Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway

Juarez Acoustic Guitar is the best acoustic guitar for beginners under 5000 rupees, with a beautiful finish and decent tone. Juarez Acoustic Guitarincludes a truss rod, guitar case, one set of strings, a strap, and picks.

Reasons for it being the best choice:

  • With its impeccable styling and outstanding quality, the 38-inch guitar is a must-have.
  • The Linden wood guitar, with a shiny black finish, is used to build the neck, which will entice you to purchase.
  • The guitar has 18 frets that are equally spaced, allowing you to play music with ease.
  • The lower portion of the fret has enough room to easily play higher notes without mingling fingers.
  • Plastic has been used to build the bridge.
  • The lift system helps you to change the height of the strings to make playing easier.
  • The fingerboard is made of a mixture of Ebony and Linden woods, while the rest of the body is made of Linden wood, which is the most common guitar stock.

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar family has one of the most exquisite sets. The body of this guitar has a black matt finish also available in red. You will get a good sound quality because of the maple fretboard arrangement and the Linden rod.

Reasons for it being the best choice:

  • The 38-inch acoustic guitar is closely quality-controlled and constructed from the finest materials to create a fantastic tone.
  • Overall, the body is slim and light, making it convenient to transport. You may use the guitar for considerable volume and quality sound projection whether you're a solo artist or a performer.
  • The majority of guitars with these features cost a lot of money, but this one is reasonably priced.
  • The guitar has a beautiful finish, with a plastic bridge and a Linden wood fingerboard.
  • The fretboard is made of Ebony wood and has 18 frets.
  • The guitar comes with a variety of useful extras, including string packs, plectrums, a trendy strap, and a convenient carry case.

Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

Juarez is a well-known guitar brand that makes both electric and acoustic guitars. The brand's electric guitar has 18 frets and a full black finish that looks fantastic.

Reasons for it being the best choice:

  • The neck of this capable acoustic guitar is made of Linden Wood, the bridge is made of plastic, the fingerboard and back are made of Linden Wood, the string is nylon, and the sides are made of Linden Wood.
  • 18 frets, black glossy finish, acoustic guitar with strap, pocket, strings, and 2 picks.
  • Great looks combined with a unique architecture that produces high-quality sound.
  • The Size is 38 inches, cutaway, and fingerboard: Linden wood, fretboard: Ebony wood, fingerboard: Linden wood, fretboard: Ebony wood, fingerboard: Ebony wood, fret board: Ebony wood.
  • Acoustic Guitar with Strap and Bag are included in the package.

Giuson Venus Black 41 Inch Rosewood Fret board Acoustic Guitar

If this is a beginner's first or second guitar, they should avoid purchasing a costly instrument. The reason for this is that they may not be able to commit to studying the guitar in the long run. Second, they lack the necessary talent and expertise to get the most out of the instrument.

Reasons for it being the best choice:

  • In terms of consistency and tone, Giuson Acoustic guitars are unrivaled.
  • All of our items are carefully handcrafted to ensure an unsurpassed level of quality and acoustic performance.
  • The guitar is completely handcrafted in India by professional artisans.
  • It has a rosewood fretboard, truss rod, and built-in pick-ups for connecting to an amplifier.

Givson Ketostics Venus Special VS-BLK, Acoustic Guitar

It's a pleasure to play this guitar. The sound quality is also excellent. So far, no flaws have been discovered. It's ideal for a novice and isn't even expensive.

Reasons for it being the best choice:

  • 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Right-Handed, with Guitar Cover/Bag
  • With a unique design that produces good sound, this speaker has a great look.
  • Younger players can appreciate the handling comfort of the slightly reduced body depth and intermediate scale length.
  • This Enables You To Tune Effortlessly And Accurately.
  • This is the tuning machine head of choice for many professional guitarists.


Please do detailed research online or contact your network of guitar players of YapStars before buying the guitar. You can also watch review videos on YouTube. Whatever the justification for purchasing a guitar, you should still think about price, budget, brand, size, accessories, and other factors before making a purchase. It was difficult to sift through the feedback and choose the best guitar. Since there are so many producers and brands on the market today, wanted to use an impartial approach to researching guitars in India in terms of value, cost, and performance? In addition, did thorough research and tested the guitars in the shop.

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